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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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of the attackers may have been planted and intended to make europeans fearful of refugees. all this as the white house holds a conference call with governors in the u.s. tonight to talk about refugees coming into our country. nbc's richard engel begins our coverage in paris. >> reporter: there's a new report from the "associated press" that french investigators are looking for multiple suspects as many as two who may still be on the loose. they say that one they believe was actively involved in the shooting. earlier today, french authorities found what they're describing as a safe house, a hotel on the outskirts of city, a low-budget apartment-style hotel. a french newspaper released some images from inside that hotel. it showed syringes that may have been used to help assemble some of the suicide vests. so this is still very much an ongoing investigation. we are in front of the bataclan theater. this is, of course, where the
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most tragic part of the massacre took place. where people were inside with the gunmen, trapped inside with the gunmen as the militants began to open fire indiscriminately then blew up their suicide vests. this place, this country, the city of lights, has become a city of memorials. of candlelights. of torches. people are still coming to the terms that the city was attacked. they worry that it could get attacked again. french officials have said that isis carried it out, and they think that isis is not over, that is wants to continue a wave of international-level attacks like the one we saw here in france. richard engel, nbc news, paris. the police in hanover, germany, now say no explosives were found in an ambulance at a soccer stadium there. that stadium was evacuated. the game between the national teams of germany and the netherlands was canceled. the german chancellor and others planned to attend to show that
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they would not be intimidated. meanwhile, in london, an outpouring of support. prince william laid a wreath at a match between england and france. both teams and most of the stadium sang the french national anthem in unison. back here at home, we're hearing from d.c.'s police chief about an enhanced level of security here and how the department is handling a threat from isis. cathy lanier spoke to news 4's darcy spencer about what you should not do in light of the threat and the attacks on paris. darcy? >> reporter: well, doreen, the chief told me today that the nation's capital is one of the safest places in america. she said people should not change their routines despite that isis video. she's the top cop in the nation's capital, and she wants you to know the district is safe for residents, workers, and visitors despite the terror attacks in paris. her message, don't change what you're doing. >> as soon as you change your
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routine activities to avoid terrorism, they're going to change and they're going to target those places. >> reporter: instead, she says, people need to be more vigilant and more prepared. while security has been increased in ways you can see like patrols, there are also things happening behind the scenes. >> we want people to feel safe and know that we have a significant security posture in place, but we don't want to scare people. you know, we don't want to be part of the problem. we want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: i asked the chief about the isis video threatening an attack in the heart of washington. she says she takes every threat to be real and credible. >> you can't take anything for granted. when you have people that are pushing that type of agenda, the fact that there are people out here that might take that action based along seeing that video, we have to take all of that seriously. >> reporter: many say they do feel safe. >> i feel safe walking around. i really do. >> reporter: are you changing your routine any? >> no. >> reporter: others say more needs to be done to make sure what happened in paris doesn't
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happen here. >> i don't think that it really is undercontl. it happened in paris in the center of town and could easily happen here. >> reporter: in the district, darcy spencer, news 4. security also at the center of a backlash over president obama's plan to accept 10,000 syrian war refugees in the coming year. the governors of roughly 30 states are now expressing concerns or outright opposition to that plan. steve handelsman outside union station now with the latest on this. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. here at union station, a lot more police presence today than we've seen. a lot of people said, frankly, they are afraid but the risk now of an attack in our nation may be less than the risk was or still is in france. four days after isis killed 129 in paris, experts say hitting the u.s. might be difficult. >> we've got certain advantages. geography, for one.
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we're more distant. >> reporter: so bringing 10,000 syrian refugees to america was opposed to today. at least until screening can be tightened. by house republicans. >> this is a moment where it's better to be safe than to be sorry. >> reporter: governors of at least 28 states agree, but a democratic governor calls that swagger. >> i'm going to prevent the wrong people from entering my state to me is ludicrous. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry promised to join france to hit isis at its core but president obama was low key describing his plan. >> continuing need to ramp up pressure against isil and our collaboration in reaching out to the muslim world and working with them to prevent radicalization. >> reporter: cautious rhetoric and precautions in washington. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. french president francois hollande will be at the white house one week from today to meet with president obama and talk about the fight against isis. from washington, hollande will
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travel to moscow for similar talks with vladimir putin. today the french ambassador visited capitol hill where senate leaders presented him with a signed condolence book for the citizens of france. >> we are very moved by the reaction of the american people. the way they have shown their solidarity, and grief. and we are not only allies, we are are friends. >> the ambassador added we are are all facing the same threat. a bomb with the explosive power of more than two pounds of tnt caused that crash of a russian airliner in egypt last month. kremlin officials confirmed for the first time today the crash was caused by a bomb and traces of explosives were found in the debris. a senior egyptian official told nbc news that two airport workers were being questioned in connection with that bombing, but they have not been arrested. russia is offering a $50 million
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reward for information about the case. all this comes amid some high-profile scares on major airlines today. many of the pass swreengers pan because of the events in paris. coming up at 6:15 this evening, we'll take a closer look at the police response today and how the increased security could have an impact on your holiday travel plans next week. now to a different kind of threat forcing one maryland college to take a very unusual step. washington college says it is closed until further notice as a student is missing after taking a gun from his parents' home. instead of focusing on midterms and grades on the eastern shore campus, students at washington university are thinking about safety. news 4's tracee wilkins is live there tonight with more. tracee? >> reporter: evacuating this college has taken a lot of work. the people who live in this town have helped. this washington college mom is
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helping to get the students some shelter. >> right now. >> reporter: this after students and faculty were ordered to evacuate the college campus completely. >> all of the parents are very concerned and we are glad that the university has taken the whole situation seriously and is taking the steps necessary. >> we decided it was best to close the campus. >> reporter: this from pennsylvania to maryland are searching for 19-year-old jacob marberger, a sophomore at washington who may be armed and also may be unhappy with his college. >> he had an upcoming honor board case. he got kicked out of his fra tern fraternity. had to rehouse into another facility. on that sunday night before he left, he was confronted we a student government association about his affiliation with them. >> reporter: police say marberger felt bullied by students and showed students an antique handgun he owned. after an anonymous tip, it took campus police some time to locate the gun and now marberger is facing charges.
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marberger was last seen monday in pennsylvania. his parents fear he may be armed. the decision to close his college prompted some in the small city of chestertown to open their homes to students. >> we have several international students here, it's not feasible for them to go home. so chestertown opened their doors and homes to them. >> reporter: the people who live here can't believe what's unfolding at the college. >> we live right on the side of the college, keeping all the doors locked and everything. never used to be like that around here. >> reporter: now he was temporarily suspended after the investigation involving the gun, and he was forced to seek some mental treatment. he passed the test saying that he was capable of coming back to school. buts before he was able to face the honor board hearing and deal with the repercussions of his actions, he left to go to his parents' house monday morning and retrieve what his parents believe may have been a rifle. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, tracee. in montgomery county the
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council approved a new law inspired by a news 4 i-team investigation. once officially signed, that bill would tudouble the penalty against stores that sell tobacco to underage children. that action, response to an undercover report by scott macfarlane. >> reporter: sell tobacco to somebody under 18 in montgomery county, you'll soon face a there are 1,000 fine. the man who authored that bill said he was troubled by the findings of our recent i-team investigation which showed a series of tobacco sales to underage people in maryland. our review found the percentage of businesses failing inspections for underage tobacco sales has actually increased 7% in just the past 3 years. this despite new technology to help clerks better read driver's licenses. the bill becomes law once signed by montgomery county's executive. there's no timetable for that yet but the i-team learned state
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lawmakers are responding, too. they'll consider a new law to beef up funding for additional inspections and enforcement details inside stores that sell cigarettes. to see the full report that led to these actions, go to our nbc washington app and click on "investigations." scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. coming up, a guy sat outside the door of the japanese embassy in d.c. why he did that. a new step toward getting body cameras for fairfax county police. a look at the changes already under way after a high-profile shooting in the county. the interview captured headlines and tonight we'll tell you why local doctors say charlie sheen's story should serve as an important wake-up call. and a bit of a weather roller coaster. we've got rain on the way. we've got very cold temperatures. even the first freeze downtown potentially. we've got your forecast. i'll see you in just a minute.
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the eiffel tower was closed to the public today after workers there raised concerns about security at that landmark. no word yet on when tourists will be allowed back. but the operator says it is making every effort to minimize the impact of the closure while also ensuring that everyone is safe. a drunk passenger caused a scare on a british airways flight headed from london to boston today. police say the woman tried to
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open an exit door while the plane was in the air. a passenger says she was talking to the woman just before she started to act erratically. >> she ran down the aisle at one point and she hit me in the arm and my drink nearly went over. >> reporter: she seemed kind of rushing? >> yeah, sthehe was running. actually running down the aisle. >> the flight crew restrained the woman. the plane landed safely at boston's logan airport. police took her into custody. this was not terrorism related. nobody was injured. four passengers removed from a plane at bwi marshall this morning have been questioned and released. it was a spirit airlines plane bound for chicago. it was taxiing to the runway when a passenger reported suspicious behavior. three men and a woman were taken for questioning. the maryland transportation authority says it was a case of see something, say something. but the passengers were not a threat.
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the plane took off three hours later. all of the heightened security at airports is happening as we head into the busiest travel period of the year. our airports are bracing for a crush of passengers around thanksgiving. transportation reporter adam tuss is live with the plan to handle those crowds. adam? >> reporter: well, doreen, in the wake of the terror attacks in paris, thanksgiving travel certainly going to look a lot different here. and you may not know, the head of our local airports authority has some firsthand knowledge dealing with terrorist situations. at the ticket counters, already getting busy. but this year, passengers dealing with the aftermath of paris and the watchful eye of stepped up security. >> i think it's business as usual, but with a little bit more awareness maybe than normal. >> reporter: jackpoter is the head of the airport's authority but also the former postmaster general. a position he held during and after 9/11 when there were nstop threats. >> you know, i dealt with anthrax when i ran the postal
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service, so i, you know, i'm very much aware of when we have these, you know, heightened situations. remain calm. remain vigilant. >> reporter: security concerns already weighing on the minds of some like kaitlyn green heading out of town today. >> i think it's hard not to think about it, but i, you know, i travel every week for work, so it's -- i don't really have an option. >> reporter: the travel period will go on. judging by the crowds expected this year, both reagan national and dulles could be anything but quiet over the next couple of weeks. >> last year we served more than a million passengers at our two-airport system and this year we expect it to be as busy and more than likely busier. >> reporter: aaa says airfare is down this year which could lead more people to fly. with the security climate the way it is right now, other travelers thinking about loved ones. >> i'm more concerned about my wife. she does a lot of national, international traveling. >> reporter: as he says, when he flies he just tries to sit back and enjoy the flight.
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now, the airports authority says the thanksgiving travel period really starts kicking into high gear this friday. hard to believe, guys, that it is already here. doreen, back to you. >> it is, indeed, adam. thank you. this whole subject is the focus of our flash survey today. most of you who responded say you do not plan to change your travel plans as a result of the paris attacks. close to 80% of you say you will stick with the plan you already had. critics tonight are calling for a formal investigation into a controversial fund-raising group that supports d.c. mayor muriel bowser. the group is known as fresh pac. and as tom sherwood reports, the issue is now tangled up in the proposed $6 billion pepco merger. >> we support the merger! >> reporter: protesters against
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the pepco/exelon merger demonstrating today. as the d.c. public service commission opened two days of crowded hearings on the $6 billion plan. one issue, the controversial fresh pac. it sought to raise $1 million to support mayor bowser but is instead shutting down over pay to pay politics. fresh pac critics asked the service commission to investigate because fresh pac won't disclose if it sought big contributions from pepco and exel exelon. the power companies won't say, either. >> did the mayor's controversial super pac known as fresh pac ask for donations to the pac during the samenegotiating with the company? >> reporter: the office told nbc 4 she was unaware of fund-raising and would not approve of it if it occurred. krit kr critics questioned the naming rights during the merger talk.
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a large group of community and business organizations also testified in support of the merger. saying it will be good for d.c. businesses and residents. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. coming up, blizzard warnings. whole bunch of snow out in colorado. more than a foot of it already on the ground in some places. it's created all kinds of problems in the air as well. we'll tell you about that. one maryland high school has suspended field trips to the nation's capital because of a possible terrorist threat. will other sch
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> and that forecast over the next couple of days has rain, it has wind, it has very cold temperatures. a little bit of a weather roller coaster the next couple of days. nothing like what we saw yesterday. a beautiful sunshine. 70 yesterday. today we at least hit 60 in most areas. that's a little bit above average. right now at 55. look at the difference. it all has to do with t wind. east at 12 miles an hour. yesterday we were dealing with the southerly wind. that wind coming off the ocean and bringing in that ocean air. and also bringing in the clouds and eventually the drizzle. right now, 5 it over toward easton. 52 in gaithersburg. 57 toward culpeper and fredericksburg. no rain to talk about, again, around our area. have to go back to the west. notice the clouds moving in from the east off the ocean and from the west, those clouds moving in from our storm system which is wreaking havoc from chicago down on toward little rock.
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some flooding here. tornadoes yesterday into kansas, oklahoma, and texas. big-time snows back toward the denver area. this storm was a monster and it's going to continue to be. for us, however, it's going to move through fairly quickly and here we're just talking rain. tomorrow, there's a chance for rain, too. the biggest rain on thursday. tomorrow look at this. some shower activity around 6:00 a.m. around 9:00 a.m., notice the clouds are here and just some scattered showers and drizzle. take the umbrella tomorrow. you're not going to need it all day, but i would take it just in case. carry the little umbrella because we will see periods of drizzle, periods of showers, sprinkle activity. not a big weather day. clouds we're going to be seeing. thursday, 5:00 p.m., notice the rain coming in across our region. it's a weather alert day. t download our nbc washington app. track the rain as it moves in on the radar. look by 8:00, most areas seeing moderate to heavy rain across the region. that comes through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, on through about
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noon. notice the heavier rain. could see a couple rumbles of thunder early. temperatures will get into the upper 60s fairly quickly then the rain comes to an end and we'll see temperatures start to fall. they're going to fall pretty significantly during the next couple of days. what to expect on thursday. we're going to have rain. a.m., heavy rain. p.m., showers and rather windy conditions. up to an inch of rain in some locations. i wouldn't be surprised for some areas to get over an inch. gust upwards of 35 miles per however. that's what we'll see thursday. tomorrow, 63 in gatoi gaithersb. we'll see the chance for rain tomorrow. showers. mostly back toward northern virginia and back toward the blue ridge. now, high on thursday, 68. once again, that's our weather alert day. behind this, we get cooler. 57 on friday. not a bad day. little breezy but not bad. 53 on saturday. again, not bad. sunday, sunday is the cold day. coming up at 6:45, we're going to talk about the coldest air yet this season. if you thought last saturday was cold, wait until yo
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sunday's temperatures. >> all right. thanks, doug. we have breaking news now. louisiana governor bobby jindal just announced minutes ago that he is ending his presidential bid. he told fox news in his words, this is not my time. governor has struggled to gain traction in this current race. he raised very little money in comparison to some of the cop contenders and failed to poll even at 1% in some of the surveys. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. french police are looking for not one, but two fugitives from the attacks in paris. we're learning new information from a classified briefing on the hill. we're still gathering
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right now at 6:30, yet another pronouncement that isis was, indeed, the driving force behind that attack on friday in paris. >> and we've learned that the cell phone of one of the attackers has been found. chris lawrence is at our live desk tracking -- >> yeah, jim, doreen, tonight two senators say isis didn't just inspire the terrorist attack in paris but likely directed it. now up to this point, the cia has only gone as far as saying the attacks had some of the signatures of the islamic state. this new assessment is coming from senators richard burr and
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dianne feinstein, classified intelligence briefing. as you mentioned, doreen, police found a cell phone that belonged to one of the militants. on news 4 at 4:00, wtof's j.j. greer told us investigators hope that will give them some insight on the plot and the network behind it. and potentially where meetings were held beforehand. this still an ongoing international manhunt for two men who may have been directly involved. salah abdeslam is a brother of one of the suicide bombers but the other man hasn't been identified. police stopped abdeslam near the border with belgium but it was just a few hours after the attacks and because they didn't have a warrant out yet, the officers let him go. doree, in. >> chris lawrence, thank you. we showed you the video yesterday. it is believed to be isis threatening d.c. as its next potential target. that threat has some people changing their plans. one maryland school is now refusing to take field trips to the nation's capital. our team coverage continues now
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with news 4's chris gordon. he's on the national mall with a look at the potential toll that this could have on tourism here. chris? >> reporter: well, doreen, tonight the maryland school is not alone. there are two in connecticut and several other states have announced that their high schools are are either canceling or delaying senior trips to the nation's capital out of concerns about terrorism. well today as we traveled around the city, we found most tourists say they feel safe here. these students are from du bois college in pennsylvania. >> i was scared. i asked my parents if i should still come. my dad didn't want me to. then i thought, well, jackie said it was safe here, so i felt like, yeah, i'm going to be safe here. >> reporter: in maryland, the north carroll high school field trip to washington was suspended. a associationman saying "we're
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erring on the side of caution. i'm not aware of any credible threats but that doesn't mean something might not happen." the president of the greater washington board of trades says d.c. is always in a state of readiness. >> this is a very safe place to be, and there are a lot of people who come here on a regular basis, conferences, conventions and the rest. but we're also blessed with a very strong police force. homeland security keeps a very good eye on this. the greater washington region, no surprise to anybody, has always been a target and we handle it very well. >> reporter: these high school students came from vermont to see the monuments and museums. >> and after, you know, checking with the fbi and u.s. marshals back home in vermont there was nothing we needed to worry about. >> reporter: the group tour company located in the district for more than 40 years says they're receiving no cancelations so far. >> washington's safe. i mean, the city is prepared for large events. we're prepared for natural
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dissasters. and we're prepared for especially after 9/11 for any incidences that might happen here. >> reporter: a final note. that teacher who had accompanied the vermont high school students here said one of the reasons they came was so that the terrorists don't win by chasing tourists away from the nation's capital. jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. a moment to which just about any parent can relate. a father in paris. search for the words to reassure his young son after the worst terror attack in that boy's lifetime.
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>> that video has been shared now more than 11 million times on facebook. our team coverage of this evolving story continues in our next hour when lester holt reports. "nbc fight lnightly news" live paris. we invite you to stay tuned. the guy who set fire to a cvs drugstore during riots in baltimore will spend the next four years in prison. a judge sentenced raymond carter today and ordered him to also
6:35 pm
pay half a million dollars in restitution. surveillance video shows carter trying to open a safe in the pharmacy area. prosecutors say he admitted to starting the fire by lighting up nearby paper products. those riots back in april were sparked by the death of a man named freddie gray who died in police custody. federal investigators will not launch a formal review of a chemistry class fire at woodson high school in fairfax county. the u.s. chemical safety board says it would be a better use of its time and resources to do outreach work at schools. that work includes using school li lessons to warn against the use of vault containers of flammable chemicals. safety traini ining updates for science teachers should be done by the end of the month. that fire last month injured five students and a teacher. a man dressed in disguise accused of spying on women in our area. see what it took to make an arrest.
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fairfax county's board votes to further consider putting body cameras on police. the chief's telling me he's all for this new perspective but he also says there are more changes already under way. and thursday will be a weather alert day here. take a look at what we're expecting. the weather impacts, high winds, maybe a risk here. the biggest impact will be heavy rain. i'll show you when it moves in
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here in the district, a protester is in custody right now after being taken away from the japanese embassy in handcuffs. the man locked himself to the front door today using a bicycle lock. he's one of dozens who showed up on embassy road to protest the trans-pacific partnership. that is the recent trade agreement between the u.s. and japan and ten other pacific nations. if it is approved by congress, those combined countries would form the largest free trade area
6:39 pm
ever created. a man who may be responsible for at least three peeping tom incidents is now in jail. richard rodriguez was arrested last night after a woman says he was spying on her in the potomac mills mall women's restroom. she says he was dressed as a woman and put a bag under her stall. investigators believe rodriguez is responsible for a similar incident at a woodbridge walmart this summer where these pictures were taken and another incident at potomac mills mall last month. changes are on the way to the fairfax county police department. this comes after a deadly police-involved shooting sparked protests for more police accountant. our bureau reporter is outside police headquarters there now with a look at the changes to come and the ones already under way. >> reporter: well, vance, today the board of supervisors in fairfax county voted to move forward with the 142 recommended changes to the police department
6:40 pm
here. now, those changes were generated by the ad hoc committee that was initiated back in march. that committee was task with the responsibility of creating a more accountable and really a more transparent police department right here in fairfax county. and much of that is rooted in the 2013 shooting death of john gear. police responded there to a domestic 911 call. an unarmed gear standing in his springfield doorway ultimately shot and killed by officer adam torres. the two-plus years since, residents, they protested and called for a police department that's better equipped to handle similar situations. their fax county's police chief telling me today changes already under way. >> we're in the process right now of certifying over 20 officers to train our entire sworn force by march in the preservation of human life. the holding containment situation when we can to
6:41 pm
isolate, evacuate, and anyone call in rcrisis intervention specialists to mitigate our way out through negotiation. >> reporter: in addition to the crisis intervention training that the chief just mentioned there, the board also okayed the department pursuing the use of body cameras to provide even greater transparency. they expect to present a pilot program to the committee in the next few months but the chief acknowledges it's not going to be cheap to implement and they'll need to overcome budget challenges. we mentioned those 142 recommendations. obviously not going to relay all of those to you now but if you want to read through them on your own, go it our nbc washington app and search "fairfax policing." >> david culver, thank you. by now you've seen the interview or at least part of it. tonight reaction is still pouring in after charlie sheen revealed he's been living with hiv for years. >> i release myself from this prison today. >> tonight, he reveals why he's
6:42 pm
sharing his story now, as local doctors weigh in on the importance of the interview. he paid millions of dollars to keep his secrets safe for years. now charlie sheen is opening up about living with hiv. coming up at 6:00, why medical experts say sheen's announcement should serve as a wake-up call to everyone, but especial
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we're just getting some new pictures into the live desk and
6:45 pm
they show the teenage girl from d.c. who went missing a week ago in the tennessee mountains. ava zechiel's mom posted daughter giving the thumbs up er and getting a pretty big hug. ava disappeared last wednesday hiking through the cherokee national forest with classmates from her boarding school. police and fbi agents have been looking for her and search teams finally found ava this afternoon. on the facebook post, ava's mom wrote, "my daughter is a superhero. she survived six days in the cherokee national forest by herself." pretty impressive. >> wow, thank you, chris. two of charlie sheen's ex-wives say they and their children do not have hiv. sheen revealed in an interview this morning that he was diagnosed with hiv about four years ago. e news reports brooke mueller, denise richards and their children with sheen do not have the virus. sheen says he's not sure when or how he contracted hiv. >> it's a hard three letters to
6:46 pm
absorb. you know? it's a turning point in one's life. >> have you since the time of your diagnosis told every one of your sexual partners before you had a sexual encounter that you are hiv positive? >> yes, i have. >> no exception. >> no exception. >> sheen says he wants to use his status to help people. his doctor joined him for part of the interview and said drugs have helped suppress the virus to point that it's not even detectable in sheen's blood. but that doesn't mean he can't still pass it on to others. lot of people are talking about that interview from social media to experts in the field. one of the main things they mention is the stigma surrounding hiv. >> meagan fitzgerald spoke with some doctors who hope that sheen's case will show that no one is immune to this disease. >> i have a responsibility now to better myself. >> reporter: now after years of erratic behavior, excessive drinking, drugs and prostitutes,
6:47 pm
charlie sheen tells nbc's matt lauer he's changing because of a diagnosis from four years ago. >> i'm here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive. >> reporter: sheen also confessed that he was blackmailed and paid more than $10 million in hush money. >> no one is not at risk. >> reporter: dr. david hardy is the research director for whitman walker health center. he says hiv is now one of the more manageable chronic illnesses, but it still comes with a stigma. it's why he's not surprised sheen tried to hide his diagnosis. >> the one thing that really distinguishes it from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes is the stigma that comes along with it. >> reporter: hardy says even though studies show that african-americans are more affected by the virus, he's hoping sheen's confession will be a reminder that no one is immune from hiv. >> perhaps maybe a new segment of the population that formerly did not feel like they were at risk meaning straight white men,
6:48 pm
they're at risk, too. just like everyone who has come before them with this infection. >> reporter: medical experts say there are drugs available that can prevent people from contracting the virus, but they say despite all the advancements that have been made in the medical field, they can't stress enough the importance of people getting tested. reporting in northwest, maegan fitzgerald, news 4. doug's here with another check on our weather. getting colder out there. >> getting colder. showers on the way, areas of drizzle. weather roller coaster the next couple days. we're not talking a monster storm. nothing like that. although coldest weather so far in d.c. coming up early next week. we're talking freezing around the area. oh, no. getting down near freezing. oh, boy. let's take a look. show you what's happening out there right now. no big deal. looking at a pretty good evening. temperatures definitely cooler. 55 degrees. notice because of the clouds and the east flow, the temperatures do not drop all that much at all. only down to 52 degrees by 11:00. around the area right now you
6:49 pm
can notice most everybody around the same number. 54 in rockville. 5 3 down toward camp springs. that's going to be the case with this easterly flow. showers not just yet. we have areas of drizzle out there along the eastern shore. they're going to come our way. we are going to see drizzle. there are a few showers trying to move in with a storm system to the west. here's the storm. again, really a monster storm. this is where it is. they've got flooding, tornado watches down toward the south from memphis down toward new orleans, back toward the denver area. it has nothing but snow for them. blizzard warnings in some locations have picked up over a foot of snow. leeann gregg has been out there all day long. >> reporter: good evening. the blizzard warnings will continue in the eastern part of colorado well into the evening tonight. with near zero visibility. that has already forced the closure of more than 100 miles of interstate 70 from e-470 all the way to burlington. >> i was coming this way on 470, there's already multiple people in the ditch. so it's best that they close it until they get her cleared off.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: also a major closure, i-25 south to the new mexico state line. part of this massive storm that has started in colorado yesterday and will be moving on, but not before causing a lot of problems with travel including in the air, hundreds of flights have been canceled or delayed because of this storm. from castle rock, leeann gre kbrgg for nbc news. >> can i say i'm jealous? >> we know. >> i'm just saying. cloudy, mild, areas of drizzle. temperatures tomorrow 59 to 66. at least we're on the mild side though we will see areas of drizzle. the next couple days we go up on thursday. thursday by the way a weather alert day. great time right now to download the nbc washington app. 68 degrees. we will see rain most likely early during the day on thursday. it will affect your morning rush. 57 on friday. 53 on saturday. you see the trend here, going down. look at sunday. a high of only 43 degrees.
6:51 pm
windchills on sunday i think could be in the low to mid 30s all day. so, yeah, big-time chill here. it doesn't look like we get out of that all too quickly. so we'll continue to watch it for you right here from the storm center. >> winter's coming. thanks, doug. coming up in sports -- >> doesn't get you up, then i don't know what will. >> georgetown and maryland. history. the matchup. whole bunch of people have been waiting for it. out at college park. how did they get so lucky?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> boy, if you were around last time these two teams went at it, you will remember it so well. how could you ever forget? here we go again. georgetown and maryland. guys? >> reporter: the first time that these two team, maryland and georgetown met in college park since 1973, 42 years they've been waiting. >> reporter: long time coming for the matchup between the terps and hoyas. the players don't remember what the rivalry exactly meant to this area but understand the history behind the programs. they appreciate it. and they know that this matchup
6:55 pm
is a big deal to a lot of people. >> they're both d.c. teams. i mean, walking around the city people always come up to you and say i'm excited for the maryland game. knowing that, i mean, it doesn't add pressure but does add a lot more excitement knowing it's a big game for the community. >> people talk about the georgetown game, talk about the first game. we just went straight to the georgetown game and said they can't wait for that matchup. >> i know the history with this game and what it means to the people in this area so, i mean, i expect the crowd to be unbelievable. >> the energy will be great. i love playing on the road also, too, so, you know, i want the guys to be just as motivated as i am. we know it's a big game, and, you know, if this doesn't get you up, then i don't know what will. >> reporter: last time these two teams met outside a tournament, 1993. such a memorable game. terps point guard dwayne simpkins knocking down a floater in overtime to win it. unranked maryland defeated 15th ranked georgetown. the infamous images of a
6:56 pm
jubila jubilant simpkins who's an assistant now. gary williams to another g.w., the g.w. colonials. you know their coach, he was ten feet off the ground thing on the inside last night. >> reporter: yeah, he was. i was at this game. it was great to see g.w. pull off this huge upset. what an atmosphere last night at the smith center. one of the biggest upsets of the season so far in college basketball. g.w., they had a wild crowd at the smith center. they took town the sixth ranked virginia cavaliers. third straight years beating a ranked opponent. for the first time since 1995 they beat a team ranked sixth or better at home. next up, a visit to south florida on thursday night. >> reporter: we know that maryland point guard has the hair-raising highlight thing down and also has the hair styles that this guy loves, right? >> reporter: i think everybody loves his hair style. if you're a great athlete, you probably have this haircut. melo tremble. also devonte smith rivera used
6:57 pm
to rock this haircut. let's take a look at this video right here. these are two of the better point guards in the entire country. the haircut's kind of like a mohawk with blond tips. dsr cut off his hair before the season. i asked at georgetown's media day why he did that. he said it was because of his matchup and meeting with melo, he didn't want people talking about the hair. we're still talking about it no matter what. here's what he had to say about rivera cutting off the do. >> i think it was only right to cut his because i had it first, but, yeah -- >> you think you wear it better than him, anyway? >> i do. odell beckham started the haircut but i think i kind of perfected it. >> reporter: so, melo keeping the do. we'll see who gets the better of the one another tonight. >> reporter: the students are are in. thank you. i have a t-shirt, a georgetown tie. i wanted to even out. we got the students, they've been waiting so patiently. say good-bye. say good-bye, students. >> good-bye. >> they're taking selfies.
6:58 pm
guys, guys? >> don't interrupt them when they're taking selfies. what were you
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. a new terror scare. thousands of fans rush out of a soccer stadium and a sudden evacuation after what officials call a concrete threat. fears of another bomb plot this time in germany. and in paris, the new manhunt for a fugitive. a ninth suspect on the run. unknown until now, as the brother of one of the suspects goes on tv to tell him and the world, turn yourself in. tonight for the first time, nbc news takes you inside of the terrorists' hotel room where they plotted to kill and the possible clues left behind. and as isis threatens to attack america, the fbi is intensifying surveillance of potential terror suspects already in the u.s. being tracked. "nightly news" begins right now.


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